So it doesn’t really matter whether you are you are currently between jobs or settled in a job working for “the man” there is sometimes the need to try and earn some extra money whether this is to pay for an un-expected bill or to buy your better half a present.

For a lot of us the money that we have got coming in is already all allocated to bills whether this is rent, groceries or car payments so if we want to treat us or someone else then we need to find a way to earn that extra money.  Sometimes this can be achieved by taking on a second job in the time you have off whether this is the evenings or weekends.

The thing is this isn’t feasible if you only have brief periods of time available so what I needed was to find some activities that I could work on in small chunks whether this be in the car park waiting for family or in front of the television when you are being forced to watch the likes of Strictly Come Dancing or X Factor.  I have listened to a number of Podcasts and read a number of website articles on this but up until now I have only been a spectator which has now changed.

Yes I do have a number of financial goals both short, medium and long term but until this site gets up and running it is difficult to know how much it will be able to help me.

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