Frustration at the Lack of Progress

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s I mentioned in my first post one of the reasons behind starting this website was wanting to prove that it is possible to make money via a ” side hustle” or words to that effect. The thing is that you can start off my Googling “How to make Money online” and that just takes you off down a massive rabbit warren and before you know it you have spent an entire evening bouncing from one site to another with nothing achieved, a headache and nothing to show as a result of your actions.

Do we have to look to the Internet to make money on the side, no you could go through your cupboards/ attics or sheds looking for items that are no longer used putting them in the back of your car and doing a car boot sale with the contents.  There is no massive outlay apart from your time and the pitch fee at the sale and the only time I ever done one of these I came home with around £120 which equates to around $151.

Now this figure is nothing to be sniffed but the trouble being is that your stock levels will eventually reduce to the point that you have nothing to sell although the plus point is that hopefully that you will have more space in your shed/cupboards.  There is nothing quite as rewarding as tidying up a shed or an outbuilding, the trouble being is that it never stays tidy as long as you would like it to be no matter how you promise yourself that you wont let it happen again.

I am doing this entirely wrong way, ad hoc isnt going to work for me my days have too many other things going on so I need to look at this the same as any other project that I might start.  So this is going to mean that I am going to have to plan stuff and record my experiences and the creation of an Excel spreadsheet to run all of this.  At least then I can start setting aside a fixed amount of time daily and have some structure to my work.

I am not sure if this is a little over the top but this is the way I do most of my stuff in real life so best to apply what I know already.

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