Why Start this Site

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ven though I run my own IT consultancy I have always been interested in making money online but up till now the only money that I have made has been from the selling of surplus items on eBay although to be honest most of the items that we no longer have any use for we try and pass onto others or take them to the South Wales Air Ambulance charity store.

Now being a techie I read a lot of articles online whether that be Blog Posts or listening to Podcasts on a variety of subjects but mainly Internet Marketing and making money online.  Some of the people that run these sites seem to be able to make a good living with the underlying thread being that they are providing value to readers/listeners who are also interested in the journey to make money online.

What I wanted to do was to prove to myself that I could do the same, the thing is that I have procrastinated for years but have finally set a target.  Our family are due to be going away at Christmas and as a present for me and my wife Jan we are going to both buy iWatches the problem being that I need to roughly £798 which equates to $976 but I need to raise the funds to pay for this as opposed to using a credit card and paying it off bit by bit.

apple watch series 2

So I have 60 days in which to raise the money that I need through various means which I will document on this site, this will not be the end though as the watch is  merely a catalyst for me to get off my bum and actually do what I have wanted to do for a number of years.  Some of the strategies that I try are going to give me a quick win perhaps in the form of online surveys or matched betting, others are going to be more of a slow burn in the form of creating websites covering subjects that I have a genuine interest where I will talk about the subject and attempt to monetise the articles via links to affiliate deals using the monster site which is Amazon, the likes of Commission Junction and also using the Google Ad Networks and AdSense.


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